Now Earn With Us – Launching Affiliate Program

We are excited to launch the affiliate program. Now don’t just be our customer, be our business partner and earn with us. Here are the details of our affiliate program.

What is the affiliate program?

With our affiliate program, you will get a custom affiliate URL. You have to share that URL with anyone who may buy our product. When someone buys any of our products using your link, you’ll get a commission i.e. a part of our profit.

How much commission will I get?

The amount of commission depends on the product purchased using your affiliate link. Here is the commission for various products:

Web Hosting Plans Commission:

Web Hosting Plans Unlimited Hosting Plans Cloud Hosting Plans
Plan Commission Plan Commission Plan Commission
Basic ₹ 100 Unlimited Basic ₹ 300 Cloud Basic ₹ 700
Plus ₹ 200 Unlimited Plus ₹ 400 Cloud Plus ₹ 900
Business ₹ 300 Unlimited Business ₹ 600 Cloud Business ₹ 1200

Reseller Hosting Plans Commission:

Regular Reseller Unlimited Reseller DA Overselling Reseller
Plan Commission Plan Commission Plan Commission
R10/DAR10 ₹ 300 UL 05/DA UL 05 ₹ 500 DA OVS 05 ₹ 300
R20/DAR20 ₹ 400 UL 10/DA UL 10 ₹ 700 DA OVS 10 ₹ 400
R30/DAR40 ₹ 500 UL 15/DA UL 15 ₹ 900 DA OVS 15 ₹ 500
R50/DAR50 ₹ 700  UL 20/DA UL 20 ₹ 1200 DA OVS 20 ₹ 600
R70/DAR70 ₹ 900  UL 30/DA UL 30 ₹ 1600 DA OVS 30 ₹ 800
R100/DAR100 ₹ 1200  UL 50/DA UL 50 ₹ 2200 DA OVS 50 ₹ 1200
R150/DAR150 ₹ 1700  UL 70/DA UL 70 ₹ 3000 DA OVS 70 ₹ 1700
R200/DAR200 ₹ 2000  UL 100/DA UL 100 ₹ 4000 DA OVS 100 ₹ 2000

VPS Commission:

Regular VPS Plans High RAM VPS Plans Reseller VPS Plans
Plan Commission Plan Commission Plan Commission
2Core-2GB-70GB ₹ 600 2Core-4GB-100GB ₹ 800 3Core-4GB-150GB ₹ 1000
3Core-4GB-100GB ₹ 1000 3Core-8GB-200GB ₹ 1500 4Core-6GB-200GB ₹ 1800
4Core-6GB-150GB ₹ 1600 4Core-12GB-300GB ₹ 2500 6Core-10GB-300GB ₹ 3500
6Core-10GB-250GB ₹ 3000 6Core-18GB-500GB ₹ 4000 8Core-16GB-500GB ₹ 5000
8Core-16GB-400GB ₹ 5000 8Core-24GB-700GB ₹ 6000 10Core-20GB-700GB ₹ 7000
10Core-20GB- 500GB ₹ 6000 10Core-36GB-1TB ₹ 7000 12Core-30GB-1T ₹ 9000

How to register for the affiliate program? How to get my custom affiliate link?

You don’t need to do anything. All of our customers automatically get registered for our affiliate program. Just login into your account. You will find an affiliate section in the bottom right corner in the client area. Click on that to get your custom affiliate link. You will find other details like the affiliate money you have earned so far, the total purchase made through your link, and other related details.

How to share my affiliate code?

You can share your affiliate code directly on your social media accounts or directly on chatting platforms like WhatsApp to persons you think may be interested. You can also share our banner on your blogs and websites. Go to the affiliate section after login into the client area. You’ll find 3 banners of different sizes there with HTML code for each banner below the banner. Just copy the link below the banner you want to use and paste it on your blog or website.

What if someone clicks my link but purchases the plan later, say after a week?

Once someone clicks on your affiliate link, this gets saved in the browser cookie, which is valid for 30 days. Even if that person purchases a plan from us within 30 days directly from our website, without using your link, you will get the commission. Provided that that person hasn’t cleared their cookie and made purchasing using the same browser.

When will I get my commission?

You will get the commission after 45 days of the purchase made, provided that the purchase isn’t canceled within 40 days. If purchased gets canceled within 45 days, your commission will be forfeited.

How to request a payout?

After login into your The HostMe account, You’ll find the Affiliate section at the bottom right corner in the client area. Click on that. You will find the request payout button at the bottom of the affiliate details page. You can request the payout from there. Note that the minimum payout amount is ₹ 2000. You can’t request a payout if you have less than ₹ 2000 as your affiliate money.

Do I need to provide my bank account details?

Yes. You will need to provide your bank account details when you’ll request your first payout. You can add your bank details in your profile section. Our customer support team will contact you for the same if your bank details aren’t available in your profile. Your bank account details will be saved in your profile and will be used to make all future payouts. You can change your bank details at any time in your profile.

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