Don’t have domain? No issue…Host on our subdomain!

Want to host a website but don’t have a domain! Well, we got a solution for you. Now you can host your website on our subdomain. Let’s see how?

What is a subdomain?

A subdomain basically derives its website address from the parent domain. Let’s say you want to host a website “”, but you don’t have domain Now you may host your website on our subdomain. The address would be “”, where xyz is a subdomain of the parent domain

How to host in subdomain

The procedure is quite simple. You have to purchase as you normally do. At home page select your plan n click on the Buy Now button.

Next, you will see domain selection screen. Here select last option “Use a subdomain from The HostMe” and enter your desired subdomain which may be your name, your business name or anything, here “xyz”, and then press check.

If the subdomain you selected would be available, you’ll see the summary screen. Verify your order. If you have some promo code, remove the current code and enter new code.

Then press checkout. You will be forwarded to the checkout screen.

Click on already registered, if you already have an account with us. Otherwise, fill in your details and signup. You’ll be forwarded to the payment page. Complete payment using your method of choice. That’s all. You’ll receive an email containing your login credential. Hope you’ll have good experience with us.

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