Now access CloudFlare CDN directly from your cPanel…

We have integrated CloudFlare CDN into our cPanel. Now you can access and manage CloudFlare directly from your cPanel.

What is CloudFlare CDN?

A CDN (Content Delivery Network) is a service which provides a faster and more secure data transmission channel between the server (Where your website is hosted) and any user who is accessing the website. Currently, CloudFlare is the biggest CDN service provider with their large network of 151 data center spread globally. They have 3 data center in India in New Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai.

How CDN works?

When someone accesses your website for the first time from anywhere on the globe, a CDN will fetch and store static contents of your website to the nearest datacenter to that person. Then the CDN will serve your website to anyone who accesses your website from that region, from that stored copy on the nearest data center.

What are the benefits of using a CDN?

There are various advantages of using a CDN.

Increased Speed:

Since the CDN will serve your customer from it’s nearest data center to the customer, it will increase your website speed, which means better customer experience.

Increased Security:

CloudFlare CDN monitors all the traffic coming to your website and blocks the bad traffic, i.e any type of attack. It allows only genuine traffic to your website. Additionally, it provides a secure, encrypted communication channel between its data center and the user, who is accessing the website. Which increases the security of the website.

Less bandwidth uses in cPanel:

Since the CDN will serve the website to the user from its own data center, The users will be fetching the data from the hosting server very less. It will reduce your monthly bandwidth uses.

What if I make a change in my website? Will CDN update it on their server?

A CDN periodically refreshes the cached copy of your website stored on its server. So if you make any change on the website, It won’t reflect instantly but will be reflected in few hours. Optionally, if you are making any significant change in the website, turn of the CDN service, make the change and then turn it back on after making the change.

How to activate and configure cPanel integrated CloudFlare CDN?

Activating and configuring the CloudFlare in cPanel is very easy. Go into the software section in your cPanel. You’ll find the CloudFlare icon there. You can alternatively search for CloudFlare CDN in cPanel search bar. Click on the CloudFlare icon. You’ll be taken to CloudFlare configuration screen. Log in to cloud flare if you already have an account with CloudFlare. Otherwise, you can very easily create a CloudFlare account from there. After login, you will get 2 options to integrate your website with CloudFlare, One is cname based and other is DNS nameserver based. We’ll recommend you the cname based method since it is very easy to set up. it requires only one click to set up. Watch the following video to know how to configure:

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