Website Won’t Stop Even if Your Data or Monthly Bandwidth is Exhausted – Introducing Overage Billing

Internet traffic is unpredictable. What if due to increased internet traffic your website exhausts all the allowed monthly bandwidth before the end of the month. Or due to high Email volume, you cross the allowed web space. Due to this, a small downtime for your website may impact its reputation badly. But with The HostMe as your hosting partner, you may rest assured that it won’t happen with you. With our overage billing feature, your website won’t spot even if it crosses the allowed limit.

What is overage billing:

In overage billing, if your website exhausts the allowed monthly bandwidth or the web space allowed, your website won’t be down. You will be charged for the excess resource (Bandwidth or Disk Space) your website has used. At the last date of date of the month, an invoice will be generated with 7 days due date.

Pricing of Overage Billing:

You will be charged on following rate for the excess resource utilized over your allowed limit:

For monthly bandwidth: 1 Paisa/MB excess bandwidth used
For disk space: 15 Paise/MB excess disk space used

Limits of Overage Billing:

Extra disk space limit with overuse billing is 25%. Let’s say you have 500 allowed disk limit. With overage billing, you can use up to 500+125(25%)=625MB disk space.

Extra monthly bandwidth limit with overage billing is 50%. If you have 10 GB of allowed bandwidth, maximum you may use up to 10+5(50%)=15GB of monthly bandwidth.

If you cross these limits, Your website will stop. You will receive a mail from us when you reach the 80% of total allowed limit (Standard Allowed + Overage).

Lets understand with an example:

Let’s assume you have subscribed our Micro Web Hosting Plan. The micro plan offers 500MB disk space and 10 GB of monthly data transfer (Bandwidth). Let’s assume due to high web traffic, your website crossed 10 GB bandwidth. It used 12 GB of bandwidth, which is 2 GB extra over the allowed 10 GB. And it crosses the 500 MB disk space too. It uses 550 MB your website, which is 50 MB extra over the allowed 500 MB. Next month you will receive a bill of the following amount:

For 50 MB extra disk space: ₹ .15×50 = ₹ 7.5
For 2 GB extra bandwidth used: ₹ .01×2000 = ₹ 20 (2GB = 2000MB)
Total bill = ₹ 7.5 + 20 = ₹ 27.5

What if I fail to pay the bill by the due date?

Well if you fail to pay the bill by the due date, The amount will be deducted from your credit available with us with 10% surcharge and your due date will be preponed accordingly. Your website still won’t stop.

In the above example, let’s assume you had bought the Micro Web Hosting 1 year plan on Feb 1st, 2018 (01/02/18) for ₹ 250. On August 1st, 2018 (01/08/18), You receive the bill of ₹ 50 and you fail you pay by the due date. Since you have used 6 Months of the one year of plan you had bought, You have 50% of ₹ 250, which is ₹ 125 available with us. ₹ 30.25 (27.5 + 2.75 surcharge) will be deducted from your remaining credit of ₹ 125. Now the remaining credit will be 125-30.25 = ₹ 94.75.
₹ 94.75 will last for 138 days (₹ 250/365 days). Now your new renewal date will be July 31, 2018 + 138 days = December 17th, 2018 (17/12/18).

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